Monday, March 03, 2008

Los Mamons Terry Shamsie, Joseph Ramirez, Mike Rendon and Bra Lencho Rendon


IN an unprecedented scramble for cover, Peggy Banales camp including Terry Shamsie, Joseph Ramirez, Mike Rendon and Lencho Rendon's own polls indicate Joe Benavides is in the lead. Insiders in their camp reveal they are running for cover and El Defenzor Live has just revealed some very very bad associations between Rendons and Peggy Banales where she breached her duty to her own constituents by diverted funds and votes to Robstown. Calallen voters are outraged!! Curtains for Paycheck Peggy!!! Go Joe Go!!!


Insiders inside the Peggy Banales camp indicate that they are howling with rage at the freedome of speech exerted by El Defenzor Live. Can't take the heat Peggy and company???

Great Work Homero

No Cajones KTMV? or Sell Outs?

Dont worry these crooks wont be around till election time again.

But we will be here to remind KTMV of their invertebrate existence.

Los Kenedenos & El Defenzor will keep pounding & discovering.

All threats are taken seriously and are reported to law enforcement immediately; all phone conversations are recorded.

Nueces Democrats: Hegemony: Power, Culture & Ideology: Lencho Rendon: The Pimping Out Of The President & Hillary

"Now back to the “Shamsie Cronies” it is rumored and warnings have been issued! The media is being “Strong Armed” financially! Elite and Power Brokers (Powercrats) within the Democratic Party are frowning on the media who promote any other option for the Democratic primary and certainly to support an independent will bring the wrath of both Parties! They are in essence saying, “we are going to use our Incumbent resources to discourage (SQUEEZE) clients from working with your business’ if you (the Media) speak negatively of Shamsie! Even if it is true."

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