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Remember The Crime Stoppers "Vandalism" of the Corpus Christi Country Club Golf Coursehigh powered members who control our nation’s economy & industry

No Good Deed


Hal Bray

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The Book

A Story of greed, power, love and lust set in the beautiful Gulf of Mexico during the final hey days of the oil industry.

The Story

Brockland Joshua, Brock to his friends, was a retired Infantry Lieutenant Colonel of the United States Army who, through a series of turns, became the manager of a golf and country club in Corpus Christi, Texas, on the last developed barrier reef island in the United States.

In doing his job Brock has become involved with some high powered members of his club who want him to do a little intelligence gathering for them. It seems the OPEC countries and our nation’s oil producing capabilities are on a collision course. He does not realize that this good deed will draw him into a web of intrigue and danger that will involve organized crime on both sides of the Texas border and leave him marked as the killer of these same friends.

As Brock scrambles to prove his innocence, people begin dying around him, including his beautiful blonde lover, wife of the corrupt oil baron he has exposed. He cannot do it alone. So he contacts two old Army buddies and they weigh in. As they plan to clear his name, he is confident that he can do it. While no good deed may go unpunished, Brock intends to hand out a little punishment of his own.

An Exciting Exerpt From No Good Deed

The blossom of flame and the wave of concussion singed Brock’s eyebrows and lashes and threw him bodily back through the door into the entryway of his home. He was slammed into the far wall. He slid to a sitting position all sound suddenly coming to him through the cotton wads in his ears. He struggled to comprehend what had happened. Then reality broke over him like a crashing wave.

Wobbling to his feet he tried to run back to the door but only succeeded in toppling to the floor again, his equilibrium shot. On hands and knees he continued toward the door. Pulling himself upright he saw a pall of smoke obscuring his drive. He stumbled down the stairs to the edge of the drive peering through the smoke. He pulled up short almost falling into the crater that was once his driveway.

Reason would not come. Where was Jessie? Had she managed to get away? The breeze picked up, moving the smoke in swirls. As in a scene from a bad sci-fi movie he saw the wreckage among the palm trees at the entry to the drive some 100 feet away.

The military part of his mind registered the significance of the amount of explosives required to lift an automobile and throw it 100 feet in the air. But on a different plane he was unable to cope with the destruction that had been wrought on his lover’s car.

Regaining his senses he ran towards the ruined car. It was not a fiery ball of flame but lay upside down smoldering. He rounded the car and in a low crawl moved to the driver’s window. The top of the car had been squashed but he could see Jessie through the opening. Reaching he tried to pull her through. The metal of the car was still searing hot. He ignored the pain. Slowly he scuttled away from the car on his stomach like a crawdad pulling Jessie with him. He knew he might hurt her further but if he left her there she would surely die. Finally, after what seemed to be hours but were only minutes, she was a comparatively safe distance from the car.

Brock knelt at her side placing his fingers on the carotid artery, praying for a sign that she was still alive. Faintly he felt an irregular pressure against the tips of his fingers. Leaping to his feet Brock ran back across the lawn slipping and falling in his haste. Bolting through the door he picked up the phone and dialed 911. As the operator answered and he began his request he heard sirens whining to silence in the front of the house. Dropping the phone in mid sentence he raced back outside to see police, firemen and paramedics already on the scene. He returned to where Jessie lay.

Two men were working frantically on her. One medic knelt beside her, a bottle of glucose in one hand stretched above him like the statue of liberty while he spoke into a hand held radio in the other. The other held an ambu-bag over her mouth and nose trying to give Jessie the oxygen her battered body would not.

Brock stood frozen in place while he watched. The hand held radio rasped back at the medic and he responded. The medic with the oxygen bag ceased his efforts and rocked back on his heels. Looking at his partner he shook his head even as he used his stethoscope to confirm what his years of experience had taught him to recognize. This lady was dead.

If You Enjoyed This Book, Watch For the Sequel "What Goes Around" Coming Soon!

No Good Deed


Hal Bray

[Under Construction]

About the Author:

Hal Bray is a new author who writes what he knows. As a retired Infantry Lieutenant Colonel, he shares with us the mind set of men formed by their combat experiences. As one who has managed prestigious private country clubs and dealt with their high powered members who control our nation’s economy and industry, he provides keen insight on the inner workings of politics and money in the oil industry against a backdrop of greed and corruption.

From an idyllic setting to one of chaos and panic he leads us on a rapidly accelerating chase to foil a plan that would ruin the oil industry within the United States and place our fuel destiny in the hands of the OPEC nations.

Hal Bray lives in beautiful Northern California with his wife. His retirement from the United States Army brought him into the sphere of influence of many important people in the oil industry during the 1980's. Their lives and suggestions, along with a vivid imagination inspired this book.

After serving 22 years in the United States Infantry, with multiple tours in Vietnam, Hal used the business degree he earned while on active duty to manage golf and country clubs. From California to Texas he came to the Gulf Coast during the final hey days of oil in the1980's. When the bubble burst there was a lot of recriminations and wondering why and how.

Parkdale Baptist Church

An article titled, ""Serpent in the Garden"" by James Pinkerton in the Houston Chronicle (not locally covered) January 14, 1996.

Deacon James Plaisted did some very bad things and was protected by some very powerful people. He even was rewarded with Law School in Boston then busted again bringing another little girl from the Body of Christ to his Boston Motel. He worked with CCISD and Horvat.

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