Sunday, January 07, 2007

Next Regent Meeting This Tuesday Jan 9, 2007

"You Say you're gonna sue me? Well then sue me, so we can get everything out in the open" Joe A Ortiz (American GI Forum)

Dec 19, 2006 07:41 PM

CORPUS CHRISTI - Things got a little heated Tuesday afternoon at a meeting of the Del Mar Board of Regents. A member of the audience, speaking during public comments, got upset with board members, who he said ran out another audience member at a previous meeting.

"Go ahead and call security. That's what you do," the man said. "That's how you run people out of here."

There was no response from the regents, who then went into closed session to discuss the ongoing allegations of sexually inappropriate behavior by college president, Dr. Carlos Garcia.

Garcia and the college are being sued by a female student, who has accused him of sexual harassment. The closed session ended with no action taken against Garcia. Regents also discussed a complaint from new Regent Linda Garcia about gift baskets sent to board members.

"It was a gift I received as a regent," Garcia said. "I don't want any gifts from anybody. I would prefer the company that sent that to me deduct the amount of that gift from the bill they sent to Del Mar."

The baskets were given by a company who does construction for the Del Mar campus.

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